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The Molting Comic Book series is an independent effort by author and illustrator Terrance Zdunich, created with the help of letterer Oceano Ransford and colorists Brian Johnson & Molly Rodman. The Molting Comic Book series paints the portrait of a dysfunctional American family in the early '90s. Set against a decaying urban landscape in Anaheim, CA, the so-called 'Happiest Place On Earth', the story traverses human history - from Upper Paleolithic hunting parties to Southern Gothic grotesqueries - to explore the family's roots, secrets and unconventional family bonds, forged in the wake of tragedy and through the horrors of everyday life.

Chapter 1: Guilty Susie

In Chapter One of The Molting Comic Book series, a cache of cockroaches observe unspeakable abuses from the shadows, mute witnesses to suddenly-orphaned Susie and Tony Deveraux's chaotic new existence.

Chapter 2: The Happiest Place on Earth

In Chapter 2 of The Molting Comic, Guilty Susie has grown up and settled into a guiltless semblance of the American Dream. Her aimless husband Abe and her two teenage sons, Joseph and Trevor, haven't a clue of her incendiary past. Only the cockroaches know what happened, once upon a time.

Chapter 3: Ootheca

Fertile females of the American cockroach lay their eggs in a hardened case called an ootheca. The females within the Pryzkind family home also seek to seduce and reproduce... but they keep their intentions better concealed. In The Molting Comic Chapter 3, intentions are hidden away like the secrets in Guilty Susie's lonely attic.

Chapter 4: Lethal Raids

The Molting Comic Chapter 4 Lethal Raids takes us back 45,000 years to Gibraltar where the family of Man pits thugs against thinkers. Antagonists against artists. Brawn against Brains. In 1990's Anaheim, The Pryzkind family continues the age-old battle.

Chapter 5: Mother's Day

Mother's Day, the 5th chapter in The Molting Comic Book series, unfolds on Halloween night in Anaheim, but the real witches, vampires and ghosts materialize when some unsuspecting trick-or-treaters knock on the Pryzkind family's front door.

Chapter 6: Allied Forces

In Chapter 6 of The Molting Comic, Trevor and Joseph attempt their biggest caper yet, alliances are tested, and the arrival of mail forces the Pryzkind family to choose sides.

Chapter 7: Allied Forces

In Chapter 7 of The Molting Comic Book series, winter's religious holiday season provokes the Pryzkind family to contemplate whether they are the masters of their own destiny or being guided by invisible forces.

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